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AquaFinesse Switch Kit

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AquaFinesse Switch Kit - Click to enlarge

Do you want to try AquaFinesse for the first time? This kit contains all you need for starting with AquaFinesse, which guarantees crystal clear and soft water. The Switch Kit allows you try AquaFinesse for 6 to 8 weeks with normal use for 1000 Liters.

One dose of AquaFinesse per week, in combination with a low-level, slow-release sanitiser will maintain clean, clear and odour-free water in your spa or hot tub. It also protects your spa's equipment by keeping the water balanced and reducing scale build-up. AquaFinesse makes the water silky soft and gentle on your skin.

With AquaFinesse, you can maintain levels of free chlorine as low as 1 to 2 ppm!

The Switch kit includes:

Can I use AquaFinesse in a spa that is already been treated with chlorine / bromine? If you are starting the water care of a new spa or hot tub, or if you have re-filled your spa or hot tub with clean water, and the water has been shocked using chlorine or bromine, you can switch to using Aquafinesse water care. We recommend that you adjust the pH of the water and alkalinity first.
If chlorine or bromine sanitizers have been used for more than a week, we recommend draining and refilling the spa or hot tub with fresh water and using an AquaFinesse Spa Clean Tablet to deep clean the pipes, surfaces and pumps of the hot tub or spa. This will ensure that all dirt, biofilm, and calcium are removed. After the initial cleaning fill the spa with fresh tap water, if necessary adjust pH and alkalinity and start using AquaFinesse to maintain crystal clear and soft water in your spa or hot tub.
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