90° elbow 1" M/F

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90° elbow 1" M/F - Click to enlarge

This 90° (right angle) 1-inch elbow has a male end (for a 1-inch female fitting) and a female end (into which a 1-inch pipe is inserted).

You could daisy-chain a whole bunch of these together to make a big, bendy pipe sculpture if that's what floats your boat. They're also useful for repairing spas, particularly if space is tight, since the final result is more compact than if you used the the more standard female/female elbow.

It is made of high quality ABS plastic.

Inside diameter (female or S): 33 mm, for a 1-inch pipe insert
Outside diameter (male or Spigot): 33 mm, fits into a 1-inch female fitting

Part numbers
CMP : 21018000
LVJ : L-3416

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